Common Mistakes That Often Occur in Website Designing

Creating a website is not difficult for a web designer and website developer, you can also use DBL07 service. Collaboration between the two must be able to create well. Because in addition to a well-functioning system, website design is an indispensable part of building a professional website. However, sometimes a designer and developer make mistakes in designing their website. What are they?

Turn off the back button
How important a back button is for every site visitor. But it is not uncommon for us to find a site that has the heart to disable the back button on the website they built. They will redirect directly to the location desired by visitors, without closing the page that was currently opened by the visitor. And this of course makes visitors uncomfortable when visiting your site.

Using the “Open New Windows” menu
Once in a while, we may create a feature on our website by opening a new page or frame. But don’t do it too often. Visitors will be lazy when they choose a menu and it turns out that the menu appears on a new page. True, you will reduce the bounce rate on the website, but not increase the number of visitors because they are reluctant to visit your site again. Give visitors the power to open a new tab as they see fit.

Know your contact list is especially important when you are building a website for an online store or company website. When visitors expect to find your contact person on the website, but they don’t, it will disappoint them. Build a design and system that makes it easy for visitors to access this information.

A website that has been created in the beginning, must have a strong foundation so that if we want to do development in the future, we don’t need to redesign or remodel it. This makes it easier for us to develop the website.

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