Tips for Buying a Children’s Bed

The presence of the baby is certainly a happy moment for parents. However, have you prepared essential equipment such as a child’s bed? Choosing a child’s bed that is right for your little one is not an easy task. As a parent, of course, you must prioritize children’s safety and comfort. Therefore, don’t be careless in choosing a child’s κρεβατια. To help you, here are tips for choosing a good and safe child’s bed γωνιακή ντουλάπα.

Choose a suitable size
Choose a bed size according to the age of your child. It would be even better if the height of the bed is also adjusted according to their age. This can be done by making a custom bed.

Using safe materials and materials
Children’s beds must be made of safe materials. Materials made of stainless are better than iron. In addition, paint a child’s bed must also be safe because every day it will be within the reach of your child.

Make sure the strength
Before buying a child’s bed, try to gently push and shake the bed to check that the bed is firm and doesn’t shake easily. Even though they are asleep, children usually remain active, so you should choose a sturdy child’s bed.

Avoid bed dividers that can be opened
Many children’s beds offer a model of a guardrail that can be opened or is a pull-out door. To ensure the safety of children, avoid choosing such a bed. Choose a child’s bed with all corners tightly closed to prevent the child from falling.

Don’t choose bars that are tenuous
Before buying, measure the gaps in the grille of your child’s bed. Avoid beds with bars that are too stretched because it will be very dangerous for children’s activities. Measure the distance between the bars first and make sure the bars are more than 6 cm apart so that the head, hands, or other parts of the child’s body are not caught. Choosing the right height of the trellis should not escape your attention. The top of the trellis should be no more than 65 cm from the mattress. As the child gets older, the mattress should be lowered so that it is more difficult for the child to climb out of the bed.