Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

Living in a warmer area the importance of air conditioning or what is commonly called AC is also increasing. Apart from the need for food, clothing, and shelter, tertiary needs such as air conditioning machines are also part of a lifestyle that cannot be ignored, especially during the dry season. Even people could not stand for long in the hot sun and always want to hang out in an air-conditioned room whenever the opportunity arose. Like other electronic goods, AC is also not free from problems and damage. Along with the increase in the frequency of use, the frequency of general maintenance regularly from Cool Care Heating and Air service to prevent damage also needs attention.

When the damage appears, not a few people turn to the internet search engine and find out the cause & solution of the AC being experienced. One of the most common AC problems experienced by all AC users is that the AC is not or not cold enough. The causes also vary, such as the condition of the air conditioner which is dirty, the filter is not cleaned, the amount of freon is not sufficient, the compressor is weak or completely dead, and the capacity of the air conditioner is not proportional to the number of users and the area of the room.

Cooling line leakage is a problem that often occurs among AC users. Dirt or dust in the air conditioner that clogs the drain hose to the outdoor. If this hose is clogged, it will cause water to stagnate in the storage tube in the room unit, and even worse, this water can flow everywhere and potentially hit the equipment underneath. The pipe cracks and breaks, causing leaks. If this happens, immediately contact the technician for repair or service of the AC. The buzzing or noisy sound that comes out of the air conditioner is certainly very disturbing, especially if you are active in the room or are sleeping. AC noise can be caused by several things such as compressor seat rubber that has run out, many bolts are loose or loose or stabilizer rubber, compressor engine, or fan motor is damaged.