These Are The Proper Vegetable Seeding Techniques

For those who want to do agriculture/vegetable cultivation, it is necessary to pay attention to and know how to do good and correct vegetable seeding, so that vegetables can grow optimally and produce the best quality and high selling value. Seeding is the process of preparing new plant seeds before planting them in the planting area. This seeding is very important, especially for fine plant seeds that cannot withstand external factors that can inhibit the growth process of seeds into plant seeds. Some of the factors that determine the seeding are the selection of seeds, planting media, nursery containers, and nurseries. Meanwhile, if you need high-quality seeds, you can check out the best store that sells eggplant sprout.

Selection of Seeds

Seeds are a major factor in planting crops, the better the seeds, the greater the chance to get the best quality vegetables.

Growing media

For the planting medium itself, you can use fertile soil media and mixed with manure + with rice husks with a ratio of 2: 1: 1

Nursery Container

To seed the seeds, you can use a plastic pot,


It is better to choose a nursery with indirect or rainy criteria, which can be overcome with plastic on top.

The steps of the vegetable seed sowing process are:

– Prepare a lukewarm water soak, then soak the vegetable seeds and wait for
– After the ingredients have been soaked for 3 hours, they can be drained
– Fill the medium with 2/3 of the height of the hole
– Next, put the vegetable seeds into the holes that have been prepared, each numbering/seeds into each hole.
– After the seeds are put into the hole, watering or spraying can be done carefully so that the existing seeds are not disturbed

After the above process is complete, it is better to put it under a shady place, and always pay attention every morning, if the material is dry, immediately spray the water back into the nursery. In general, the seeds will grow after more than 7 days, if in the seeding process, 1cm high and 2/3 leaves appear, the plant is ready to be transferred to the land.

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