These Ways Can Help Your Law Firm Website Becomes Friendlier To Mobile Devices

Website speed and performance are greatly influenced by the quality of the server and hosting used. Therefore, choose affordable hosting that is fast and reliable, especially if you want to implement a mobile version of the law firm website. For better performance, use Cloud hosting or VPS hosting. These two hosting packages offer high-speed servers so that it won’t take long for all law firm website content to load. If you need to improve its visibility too, you can hire AmazeLaw.

Another thing you need to pay attention to optimize your site’s speed is to limit or reduce the amount of content that requires additional plugins.

Site speed can also be increased by optimizing the main homepage. Here are some tips to make sure your homepage doesn’t slow down your overall law firm website speed:

– Reduce the number of posts on the front page (limit between 5-10 posts).
– Remove unnecessary widgets.
– Remove unneeded, or inactive, or irrelevant plugins.
– Keep the homepage clean and tidy.
With a neat and clean display of the homepage, your law firm website not only looks attractive but also has fast loading!

Then, the first fifteen seconds is an important moment that determines whether the user will stay and browse your website or leave it. Therefore, you must do your best to give a good impression so that users do not turn away from your law firm’s website.

Content does play an important role in attracting more site visitors. However, that doesn’t mean you focus on content and forget about the appearance of the site. Did you know that if the law firm website looks neat and stunning, site visitors will last more than 15 seconds?

Make sure you have disabled autocorrect formatting on the login page (filling out web forms on mobile devices can be difficult sometimes), using large buttons and fonts, and redesigning popups (if applicable) to get a mobile-friendly website.

Furthermore, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one of Google’s projects that functions to speed up the process of loading websites by using compressed data which is eight times smaller than the page size of the mobile version of the website in general. By increasing the speed of the law firm website by up to four times, the website will be more mobile-friendly.

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