This Is How to Make a Hat Mockup With CorelDraw

With this mockup, it makes it easier for designers to present their design work as if it looks real, mockups can also be used as a tool to display a design before entering the print or production stage which gives a real picture of how a design will look after it is applied to various media. Using a hat mockup will be able to provide a real picture of a hat design concept, on applying colors, symbols, and text according to consumer desires. Meanwhile, if you want to order a hat with your design with extra embroidery, we recommend you try custom embroidered fitted hats no minimum.

A mockup is a visual media or preview of a “flat” design concept that is given a visual effect so that the results are very visible or resemble a real thing, mockups can provide a real picture of a design concept how the concept will look later if it has been applied to real objects, is it visible good or missing accordingly.

In this tutorial, I don’t just share the finished CDR file, but I will also explain how to make a mockup.

Here are the manufacturing steps:

Step 1

You need to have a hat image from a variety of points of view

Step 2

Next, crop the hat image into separate units so you can make a mockup.

Draw a line around the hat image, using the Pen Tool.

After selecting the line object and drawing the hat, the Shipping group will appear, then select Intersect, then a new object will be created from the intersection of the line object and the image.

Next, duplicate the hat image into 4 pieces

Image 3 of the duplicated hat is transparent using the Transparency Tool

Transparent settings are: Multiply = 75, Overlay = 20 and Subtract = 35.

After the 4 objects have been transparent, then each object is inserted into the hat-shaped line object, using PowerClip Inside.

How: Right-click on the hat image, then select PowerClip Inside.

Finish, the hat mockup can be used

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