Tips on Kibo Code Review to Increase Sales in the Holiday Season for Online Businesses

The holiday season is coming soon, most people have planned various activities to fill their vacation time. One of them is by visiting a shopping center with various facilities available. This opportunity is often exploited by offline businesses by providing special offers for the holiday season to attract buyers. Then, what about online businesses? What if the buyer is more interested in shopping directly to the store when the holidays arrive? Some things need to be considered by online businesses. When holidays arrive, some people prefer to take advantage of their spare time at home to rest and play with their gadgets to surf social media or just browse. The holiday season can be a great time to offer various vouchers or coupons. Several directories provide services that can be used to share coupon codes or vouchers for free. Customers are usually attracted to attractive offers, for example, free shipping or discounts. This can allow you to earn more from sales.

Besides, consumers can also look for other options from various coupon code offers. This also helps to introduce the sales page to consumers who are usually actively looking for promos and offers on the coupon page. Various references for activities to spend the holiday season are one of the topics that some people are looking for. Starting from traveling, sports activities to culinary tours. You can add content related to holidays to promote your product. Through simple articles such as starter packs for holidays, you can insert the products offered in the content. An email list from your store that is large and divided into segments is a must-have for any online business. Email lists are at least grouped into two, namely those who are buyers or customers, and those who are not yet buyers.

You can reward loyal customers by offering discounts and other promotions via email. For the non-consumer segment, you can make a tempting offer for the first purchase. Don’t hesitate to send email regularly during holidays and do it weekly, because it doesn’t mean that the email sent will be seen by customers.

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